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A Quick Update 3/1/17

Hey everyone!

Around this time of year we tend to get caught up with university stuff. Christian is close to graduating (Yay!) so he’s pouring all his free time into classes. (Boo!) Neil has been pouring himself into work and organizing the future of GMI. This has left little to no time to put towards the show for now, but I want to assure you that we’re not dead nor dying. There will be more to come, and some exciting changes along the way!

Stay tuned! We love you, Internet!

EP 92: We’re basically whoring ourselves out.

At this point, someone from Pornhub is obviously listening to the show and taking notes. Reply to my emails, dammit! We also talk about what separates classes of actors.

Also, join us in playing ARK:

Survival Evolved! We have our own game server!

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Porn Hub Sex Ed
Dating App Matches Users by Shared Hatred

Great Northern Brewing’s Huckleberry Wheat Lager
Southern Tier’s Salted Caramel


EP 91: Miracles Abound!

Today we study the aerodynamics of bathtubs in tornados, talk about exercising a demon every other day, and show just how effective bacon is for extending your life.

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Carjackers Discover Child in Stolen Car, Drop Him Off, Tell Him to 'Have a Good Day at School'
Man with Biggest Penis in the World Needs Welfare
75 Year-Old Woman Flies Through Tornado in Bathtub
Priest Has Performed Over 6000 Exorcisms
109 Year-Old Woman Claims Bacon is Cause of her Longevity
Council Candidate Hates Squirrels

Grand Teton Brewery’s Bitch Creek ESB
Grand Teton Brewery’s 208 Session Ale
RedRock Brewing’s IPA
Shade’s of Pale’s Misdirected IPA

Ep 90: Grandparents Getting Freaky

Sailor Moon fights syphilis, but what about Kuru?

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Sailor Moon Brings Awareness to Syphilis in Japan
12 Year-Old Pulls Gun on 13 Year-Old Over Chicken Nuggets
Accused Toe-Sucker Arrested, More Victims Asked to Step Forward
Free Marijuana to be Given During President's Inaugeration

Red Rock Brewery’s Weissbier
Oscar Blue’s Brewery’s G’Knight Imperial Red IPA

EP 89: Abducted Drug Moms

We do not condone kidnapping someone’s mother. …unless it’s for a good cause, apparently.

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Mexican Village Abducts Gang Leader's Mother
Team of Flat-Earth Theorists Travel to Antarctica
Almost 1000 Cars Set on Fire in France on NYE
Meth Found in Race Horse 'Party Til Dawn'
Sexbots Could Exhaust their Human Partners
South Korea to Outlaw Cheating in E-Sports

Pilzner Urquell Pilsner
Talisman Brewing’s Bel’s Fury Red Ale

Happy New Beers! 2016

We’re working our livers double-time today ┬áto kick off 2017!
Four new beers, and the announcing of GMI’s Beer of the Year!

Check out our new ever-updating list of “Best Beers”!

Laughing Dog Brewing Company’s Alpha Dog Imperial IPA
Prost’s Marzen
Oskar Blues’ Mama’s Little Yella Pils
Dechutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter
Prost Weissbier

EP 88: It’s not our fault!

We discuss the future of self-driving cars and organ shortages. Also, Christian and Neil are completely innocent! Stop getting ideas from us!

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Self Driving Cars Will Cause Organ Shortage
Man Launches GoFundMe to Protect Betty White from 2016
New York Man Attempts to Make XRay Bomb
Lyft Driver Held Hostage on Eleven Hour Crime Spree
IKEA Begs People to Stop Sleeping in Stores

Circus Boy’s The Hefeweisen
Anderson Valley’s Hop Ottin’ IPA

EP 87: What’s your internal temperature?

Words and things.

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Internet Connected Vibrator Company Collects Usage Data
Rent-a-Jew Project Aims to Ward Off Antisemitism in Germany
Man Blows $1 Million on Hookers, Cocaine, and Cars
Man Spends Stolen $1 Million on Game of War App
US Government Moving Towards Tracking All Purchases?

Beer: Sam Adam's Winter Lager

EP 86: Cats will make you kinky.

Neil and Christian further solidify that they are supporters of the LGBT community.
…by making fun of it.

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Study Finds Cats May Be Linked to Interest in BDSM
Tinder Now has 37 Gender Options
Man Sets Work on Fire Because of Spider
Young Cancer Patient Gets to Blow Stuff Up

Beer: Ska Brewing’s True Blonde
Beer: Blue Moon’s White IPA
Beer: Leinenkugel’s Cranberry Ginger Shandy
Wine: Alamos’ Argentina Malbec

EP 85: A religion based on beer

Christian passes his first trial as a disciple of beer.

Intro/Outro by Garlagan. Thank you!

Bad Sex in Fiction 2016
Couple Become First Ever to Have Sex While Skydiving
Florida Man Attempts to Cash 368 Billion Dollar Check
Man Steals Wallet From CEO During Job Interview
Hokkaido Dominos Experiments with Reindeer Pizza Delivery

How do you talk to your SO about your fetishes?

Beer: Wasatch Brewery’s Polygamy Porter (Again)