Some call these “Outtakes” or something like that…
This is where we throw the audio slag that doesn’t make the final cut, but may still contain gold.

GMI Episode 77: Cut Segment – “Confessions of a Blue Angel”

Neil makes a confession and Christian is unrelenting.

GMI Episode 65: Cut Segment

We finally find the line that we don’t want to cross, and it involves chasing strangers and smeared fecal matter.

GMI Episode 5: Outakes and Cut Article

Christian delves a little deeper into his fear of horrifying genitalia, and we discuss Neil’s taste in women.

GMI Episode 3: Cut Article

Christian and Neil discuss why a house overrun with spiders may or may not be a bad thing,  and what to do about it.
This article was cut from Episode 3 due to bad audio quality.