Featured Artists

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Listed here are the names and websites of all the singers, songwriters, emcees, and anyone else who has been featured on our show. Thank you for letting us help you help us, help you!

Intro/Outro – Garlagan – “Impulse”
“Scissors 61” – Garlagan

Sleep for Sleepers –  “1987” – Ep.1

801Athiest –  “Too Loud to Sleep On” – Ep.1
“Hey, Good Morning Internet! Thanks for featuring my song on your show. If you like what you hear, go download my album, “Topanga.” I rap about my my favorite people, my favorite city, and even my favorite movie. Thanks for supporting local music.” –801Athiest

Boom Kitty – “Comodo” – Ep.2

Bear Essence – “Invincible” – Ep.2

Dane Lee – “Civilian” – Ep.4
“Thank you for liking my music and being so patient with my transition in life. I will be back!” – Dane Lee

Prophets of Impending Doom – “The Prophecy” – Ep.5

Prophets of Impending Doom – “Omnomnom your Brain!” – Ep.6

Garlagan – “Skyless” – Ep. 7

Crash Island – “Across the Skyline” – Ep.8

Merchant Royal – “Waiting for the Storm” – Ep.9

Carson Oates – “Ebola” – Ep.10

Ceevro – “I Owe You the Same” – Ep.11

Life Parade – “Mr. Intelligence Man” – Ep.14

TyDiggy – “Awkward Situaions” – Ep.16

Dream Forecast – “Locksmith” – Ep.17

King’s Heir – “Another Way” – Ep.18

Steam Pianist with Travel by Sheep – “I Built a Spaceship” – Ep.22

Caliber – “Error on Input” – Ep.27

Look Left – Multiple Songs! – Ep.28

Husky in Denial – “Eff You!” – Ep.29

Garlagan – “Frisky Hornet” – Ep.33